Joshua Cole

Josh is the owner and head instructor of Marietta Combat Sports. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under professor Dustin Ware, 5-0 MMA fighter, former high school wrestler finishing with 120+ wins followed by some coaching experience. Josh is also a full time police officer where he is an experienced swat officer as well as an instructor in defensive tactics, Gracie Survival Tactics, firearms, taser, use of force, and active shooter response. Josh has competed and place at all competition levels from local tournaments, to IBJJF, to professional superfights.

David Bailey

Dave is a BJJ brown belt and experienced competitor. Dave is an Ohio State Champion and winner of the IBJJF Cincinnati Open. Dave is a lifelong student as well as the fundamentals instructor at MCS.

Gabe Guevara

Gabe is a BJJ purple belt and instructor of the competition class. Gabe is one of the most active competitors at MCS having won America Grappling Challenge, Fuji, Fight to Win, Grappling Industries, New Breed, WVGO, and NAGA just at purple belt.

Levi Plaugher

Levi is a BJJ blue belt with grappling and MMA experience. Levi is also the kick boxing instructor.

Trung Duong

Trung is the wrestling instructor at MCS. A 2 time All American wrestler for Newberry College Trung is a wealth of wrestling knowledge. Trung is a purple belt in BJJ. Trung has won several tournaments including several local up to the IBJJF New York Pro.

Travis Sayre

Travis is a Judo and Aikido black belt and instructor at MCS. Travis is a full time Attorney and lifelong student of Martial Arts. Travis is also the head of the kids class.

Tasha Hewitt

Tasha is a BJJ blue belt and experienced MMA fighter. Ranked number one female fighting in WV. Tasha has one several local tournaments and assists with teaching kids' class.