What kinds of classes are offered at the Marietta Combat Sports?

- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Adult & Kid's)

- Judo




 Who would be a good fit to train at Marietta Combat Sports?

- Nearly anyone can experience the amazing benefits of the classes we offer!  Self-defense, confidence, and gaining a healthy lifestyle are just some of the reasons for training at MCS.


Do you offer classes for Kids?

- Our Youth classes (ages 6-12 years) teach techniques that will give your child the ability to control a bigger, stronger attacker using a multitude of techniques from Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, & Wrestling.

-Most importantly, kids have fun in a safe, positive, & motivational environment. Not only that, but they will meet new friends and have a great time! If you want your child to develop self-confidence, better discipline, and high levels of fitness…then please contact us about checking our classes!


Can Women benefit from the classes at the Marietta Combat Sports?

- Women will find that our classes give them distinct advantages over other martial arts, self-defense, or alternative fitness classes. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s reliance on leverage and technique over strength can help to overcome a larger & stronger opponent. During an assault, a woman could find herself forced to the ground. BJJ also emphasizes the use of escapes from bottom positions as well as the guard position. This position allows a subject trapped on the bottom during an assault, to control and incapacitate an attacker.


How are classes structured?

- At MCS, our structured classes begin with a warm up of stretching and calisthenics, then a series of related drills, followed by technique instruction, and finally a period of sparring (also known as "rolling").


What do I wear my first time (Intro Class) to class?

- The best thing to wear to your first class is a t-shirt and gym shorts. A mouthpiece is also recommended, although it's not required.  It is also recommended that guys wear an athletic support.